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Newborn Session FAQ

Where do the sessions take place?
I come to you! I have everything needed to create the perfect in-home studio so both you and the baby can stay in a familiar comfortable space. Most session take place in the comfort of your living room. You get to relax and while I capture the adorable first days of your newborn. 

When should I book?
Currently, 3 months in advance is recommended. 

How does booking/scheduling work with my due date?
Once you pay the deposit, your due date is reserved in my calendar and I know to stay "on call" in the period before/after your due date. I've had babies come a month early and two weeks later than expected so I know anything can happen. Once your little one arrives, I ask you let me know within the first two days and we get your official session scheduled within the first two weeks. 

My baby has already arrived, can I still schedule?
If they are less than three weeks old, it never hurts to ask! I always do my best to accommodate last minute bookings when I can as I know this can be a crazy time. 

How long are the sessions?
A typical session is about 3 hours from start to finish and all take place in the morning. This includes set-up and break down. On some rare occasions, a baby may need some extra time to sooth and/or feed. 

Can I use my own props?
When you book, you can include any specific props/looks/themes you would like to use. I specialize in composite photography, which means I can achieve a wide variety of looks with minimal props in your home.  I have a select assortment of headbands and hats that I bring with me to complete looks. 
You mentioned you specialize in composite photography, what does that mean?
I have specific tools that allows me to shoot a newborn in a safe, comfortable environment in your home and combined those photos with digital backgrounds to achieve beautiful photographs. I use this method for a number of reasons including: 

1. Safety - this is always my top priority. Placing babies in baskets, buckets and other objects can be adorable but can also run a high risk of being unsafe or just plain uncomfortable (which makes for one angry baby). The tools I use are specifically designed for newborn photography and keeps them happy, warm and safe. 

2. Efficiency & Variety - I am able to bring an entire newborn studio to you. Using composites allows me to give you the most options out of a shoot instead of using the same handful of baskets and backgrounds. It also cuts down on the amount of space needed and time needed since we are not setting up multiple sets. 
Additionally, they allow me to achieve specific requests. Most parents have items of sentimental value that they would like included in the shoot (i.e. stuffed animals, uniform items, college/team items) and I'm able to create  
high quality photos that include the items appropriately. 

What do I need to do to prepare for the in-home session?
The amount of prep work on your end is minimal! I just need a clear space and a sleepy baby. I send over prep sheet with some tips to help have the most successful session when we schedule the shoot. 
Are the images I receive edited/retouched?
Yes, all the images are edited.

I have more questions!
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any and all questions you may have. 

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