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In-Home Newborn Photography - 
Not all sessions are alike

Deciding on any newborn photographer is a big decision. It’s both an investment as well as deciding who you want to trust during this incredibly special time. The first decision you may have come to is do I want to do the session in a studio or in-home?  An in-home newborn session is an amazing way to get those first photos without dealing with the stress of with your new little one and being able to stay safe and comfortable in your own home. With that being said, not all in-home newborn sessions are the same and hopefully I can shed some light on what to think about when deciding what kind of newborn session is right for you. These factors are not “right” or “wrong” but they do play a big part in both the experience and the type of images you receive: 

  • Lighting- there are distinct types of light used in in-home newborn session: natural and strobe (aka studio lighting). One is not better than the other, but they do have very distinct looks. If a photographer is using natural light, this means they are dependent on the natural lighting in your home. So the session will need to be done by a large window or glass door for the best results and results can vary depending on the time of day.


         I personally have invested in high quality strobe lighting, the same that you would find in any high-end studio,             as I feel the consistency and quality are unmatched. Is it more work to set up? Yes, but I feel like the outcome               is worth the additional time it takes. 

  • Equipment-If a photographer is using natural lighting, they are also most likely using minimal props/equipment. Some in-home photographer utilize furniture (couch, bed, etc) to pose the baby and may bring some props with them (it is always important to ask what type of props they provide if these type of photos are important to you).

          I personally have never felt comfortable posing a baby on furniture, both for safety reasons as well as these                photos don’t personally meet my quality standards. I have tailored all of my equipment to be exactly what you            would get if you were to go to a studio. I have a posing table specifically made for newborn photography so                  the baby stays safe and comfortable, well being able to achieve those studio quality photos. 

  • Who is taking the photos - this one may seem obvious but there are some in-home newborn photo companies that hire multiple photographers to work for them. Their website showcases the best of the best of those photographers but not necessarily the work of the photographer that is showing up the morning of your session. Newborn photography is incredibly nuanced, and it’s so important to be able to review the work of the actual photographer you are hiring. What poses can they do? What kind of style do they have? Do they have the specific props and accessories that you saw online? You should be able to get a sense of who the photographer is and what kind of work they do from their website. 

A newborn photography session is so personal and can only happen once in a lifetime. It’s worth the investment to make sure you get the best possible photos. I have spent years tailoring my sessions to be as close to the "studio" experience as you can get at home and am so proud of the service and quality I am able to provide to new parents. 

For frequently asked questions regarding my specific sessions, visit FAQ

If you have any questions in the type of sessions I do or how I may be different than another in-home newborn photographer, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Elisa Houghtelin


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