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San Diego In Home Newborn Session Setup

Setting up a newborn studio in your house is not a familiar process to most and I often get asked a number of questions: How much space do you need? Do you need a wall? Will in work in my (living room, nursery, bedroom, etc)? The amount of space is surprising minimal and I've always been able to make it work BUT the ideal scenario is a small/medium sized room that we can keep warm and block out most of the light. In apartments, this is usually the living room (we just may need to move a coffee table) and in larger homes this is usually the nursery or a spare bedroom/office area (living rooms in larger homes tend to be more open so they are hard to keep warm which is one of the biggest must haves during the session). I don't need a blank wall of any kind as everything is done on the setup I provide. Below are some photos of the setups from recent sessions that had great spaces:

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