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Newborn FAQ: What if my baby doesn't sleep?

Newborn photography can't be that hard, don't they just sleep the entire time? If you're a new parent you know this is "yes in theory" but also a very hard no. There's a lot of factors that go into how sleepy a baby will be during the session but actually having a baby sleep through the entire session is not as common as one would think. How much they will tolerate movement and what their feeding schedule is that day are two big factors that play a part in the equation. It's super common to have to stop for a small feeding break however sometimes you hit the cluster feeding day which was the case for sweet Amirah. It became clear my actual time with her would be limited before she would want to see Mom again so it was just a matter of working quickly and efficiently. Having an experience newborn photographer is so important for so many reasons but one of them is they will be able to make the most out every scenario that occurs, including days where all the baby wants to do is eat.

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