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Newborn FAQ: My baby is already here, can I still book a session?

While I typically book 2-3 months in advance, I do usually have 1-2 spots open per month for last minute bookings. Due to the nature of due dates, I have to limit bookings every month to ensure I can get everyone scheduled in their first two weeks. There are times when all the babies come within a day or two of each other. Some come two weeks later, some come two weeks early and that makes for a whirlwind of newborn session in a two week period and what I have to assume will happen every month. However, this most likely isn't the case so I'll be able to fit in a session here or there depending on who has arrived and who I'm still waiting for. So long story short: it never hurts to ask, but the sooner you inquire the better. If you contact me in the first couple of days, the chances of having availability is much higher than if you contact me at day 13. Mr. Tucker was one of those "last minute" bookings and I'm so glad I got to meet this little guy. I hate the thought of missing out on meeting any sweet face so if I can fit you in, I definitely will!

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