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Newborn Session Prep

  • Plan on the shoot lasting approx 3-3.5 hours with a good portion of this time being spent feeding, soothing the baby in between poses and getting the baby to sleep. This is not a rushed process, while not common, occasionally some babies need a little extra time. I highly recommend not making any appointments immediately after the session if at all possible to ensure we can make the most of the morning. 

  • The night before/early morning the day of the session can play a big part in how well they do with posing. The goal is to have a very sleepy baby during the session. If at all possible, have an active early morning with them (a morning bath a great option) and try to schedule their feeding so they are eating while I am setting up. 

  • During this feeding please only have on their diaper (no clothes). Keep them cozy in a blanket or swaddle so if they do fall asleep, we don't have to wake them up to take off a tricky onesie. 

  • The ideal space for the session is a small/medium size room that we can keep very warm. Light is not an issue as I bring lighting and actually prefer a darker space ( I will most likely close curtains/blinds if possible). In apartments and smaller homes the living room usually works best; in larger homes the nursery or spare bedroom are usually ideal. We will work together to find the best place once I arrive but my first priority is always a space we can warm easily. 

  • With that being said, be prepared to be on the warmer side. The more warm we are, the more comfortable the baby will be. If Dad walks in and says "man it's hot in here", that's a good indicator we are in a happy baby zone. 

  • Pacifiers can be a session-saver. While I understand and respect the decision not to use one, they can be immensely helpful for babies who are having a hard time settling. Having an "in case of emergency only" one on hand for the session can be a game-changer. 

  • Also, be prepared for the unexpected. Pee, poop, and spit up may occur during the shoot and get on blankets, props, and/or me. It’s all part of the fun and nothing to worry about. All items used are throughly cleaned before each session.​

  • While their needs are pretty simple, they are still tiny little people with their own personalities, so no two sessions are alike. Getting to know them is one of my favorite parts of this job and they really dictate the session. Some babies hate to be on their stomach, some babies want just want to curl up in a little ball. Some babies know the minute I touch them, some babies sleep through entire session. My priority is always to keep the baby happy, safe and comfortable while getting you the best photos possible.

  • Please view this session as a time that you can relax! Other than feeding (and an extra pair of hands when accidents occur), you will be relieved of newborn parent duties for a bit. Feel free to take a shower, zone out on Instagram, or spend some quality time with a new big brother/sister that's had some big changes recently. It’s natural to feel like you should be doing something but the best thing you can do is take a little breather.

If you have any questions prior to the shoot, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Elisa Houghtelin


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